Troubleshooting FAQ

In case you have problems with the technical aspects of your order, please consult the following FAQ.

What if the lights don't turn on?

The light kit was tested before it was shipped but it might have been damaged in transit.

Please check that the outlet is energized (plug in a different light or appliance). 

Check that the transformer is plugged in.

Test the extension cord. 

Take the extension cord out of the circuit by plugging the transformer cord directly to the remote controller in the light kit.

Check that the connection between the 12' extension and the power supply is firmly connected (plugged in together).

Check that the connection between the 12' extension and the controller (small black box inside the light kit) is connected.

Test the remote control

Press the remote control (+) switch to confirm that the remote activates the LED light string. Confirm the light intensity controller is on and functional  (See instructions included with the the light kit).

Check for cord damage

Pull the cord between your thumb and forefinger under light pressure to explore for damage to either the transformer cord and the extension cord.  Rough sections could reveal a damaged cord.  We can replace either cord.

If the lights still won't come on you probably have a damaged transformer or extension.  Please visit our RETURNS page for further instructions.